Ms. Audra Kruse

Sixth Grade

My name is Mrs. Kruse. I have German Heritage, and my name is pronounced like the Spanish name Cruz. I am the junior high math teacher at St. Michael. This is my third-year teaching at St. Michael. I have a bachelor’s degree in education and in math. I also have a master’s degree in math. Before teaching at St. Michael, I taught calculus and worked as an analyst and later a senior analyst. The other jobs that I had were good at the time, but I slowly felt God’s call to teach. I began more and more to desire to make an impact in the world and teaching students is a joy.  My favorite thing to hear is, “now I get it.” 

I do my best each day to be a faithful Catholic. I believe that math was created by God, and we are only discovering it. Certain concepts in mathematics are spiritual – like the whole numbers in a number line continuing forever to the left and forever to the right. Is that not like the existence of God? My mission is to teach as much math as possible to my students with an eye for relationships between math and God and to prepare them for their future math classes and their lives